The department of dentistry has poised itself to provide holistic and comprehensive oral health care. The department has competent and trained faculty members who are experienced in providing optimum care to the patients. It is furnished with sufficient modern equipment and in possession of three fully equipped dental chairs, an Intra oral X- ray unit, fibre optic hand pieces and an automatic sterilizer.


        The department functions till 7 pm and doctors are available to attend 24/7


  • To be recognized for excellence in the quality of comprehensive oral health care.
  • To facilitate the medical students to acquire knowledge in dentistry.


  • To create facilities and infrastructure to serve the public.
  • To transfer scientific knowledge to the medical students to achieve skills in the field of dentistry.



  • Improve access and provide high standard oral health care.
  • Provide students with appropriate support to develop their full academic potential.
  • Provide an environment for the faculty and students that promotes research activities.
  • Address the oral health needs in our region through community service efforts.


General dentistry

Minor oral surgery

Oral and maxillofacial surgery

Endodontic treatment / Root canal treatment

Prosthodontics / Implants, Removable and fixed dentures

Periodontal surgery / Gingival flap surgery

Orthodontic treatment / Aligning teeth

Pedodontic treatment / Child dental care



The department is located opposite to the hospital entrance in ground floor.

It has:

  • Clinical Room 1 with 2 dental chairs
  • Clinical Room 2 with a modern  dental chair
  • Staff Room
  • Seminar Room
  • Sterilization Room with Wet Lab



For MBBS Part I

Lectures, Group discussion, Seminar, Assignment, Case presentation and e-learning



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Awards by Faculty

Dr. Sathiya Jeeva J was awarded Young researcher award 2020 by InSC.  For the work on Enzymatic Antioxidants and its Role in Oral Diseases. (Journal of Pharmacy and Bioallied Sciences in 2015)

Dr. Sathiya Jeeva J was awarded Patent rights for JAANS Dispenser (UV Sterilization Kit) - 2015




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