·        The Department of Emergency Medicine is fully equipped with all the equipment/instruments to offer world-class services to patients & training to residents under one roof. The department has qualified and experience teaching faculty



·        To provide most modern services in various fields of Emergency Medicine to patients at the affordable cost.

  To make teaching standards comparable to International and National standards.

  To create research materials and publications of International and National standards.

  To organize International and National level conferences , seminars and guest lectures.

  To provide all types of services in Emergency Medicine under one roof.



·        Our team as a department provides thorough evaluations, diagnosis and treatments for acute illness and needy patients. Here each patient is treated as a unique individual and we encourage patients for open, frank communication as it is essential for effective medical care. We have compassion not only for the patients but also for the families who care for them.



·        Casualty area

·        Triage beds

·        Emergency room – 24 beds

Red – Priority 1 – 4 beds

Yellow – Priority 2 – 15 beds

Green – Priority 3 – 5 beds

·        Emergency ICU – 6 beds

·        Emergency OT

·        Plaster room

·        HOD room

·        Assosciate / Assistant room

·        Senior resident / Junior resident room

·        Duty doctor room

·        Duty staff room

·        Departmental library

·        Departmental museum

·        Research/ Skills lab

·        Demonstration hall



·        M.D. Emergency Medicine

·        Emergency Technician



·        Easily accessible Emergency Department near the college hospital entrance

·        3 beds to Triage patients

·        6 beds for Emergency ICU care

·        A negative pressure isolation room to prevent cross contamination of illness

·        Facilities to treat patients of all age group, from Pediatric to Geriatric

·        State of the art diagnostic and treatment equipment , including cardiac monitor

·        An external decontamination area that provide care and safety for patients exposed to toxins and biohazards

·        A Rapid Medical Evaluation process to ensure a more efficient flow of cases through the ED, reducing everyone’s waiting time overall.

·        Point of care lab for early diagnosis

·        USG machine to do eFAST in trauma patients and for USG guided central lines.  

·        Emergency surgical interventions like intercostal drainage , pericardiocentesis , needle thoracotomy

·         An incubator with thermostat for receiving new born babies.

·        An emergency OT for very critical patients requiring surgery

·        Patient attender’s waiting area

·        Water doctor for providing safe drinking water.

·        Departmental library with books, journals, computer , printer and wifi facilities for MBBS / PG students

·        Departmental museum with flowcharts and diagrams

·        Skills lab with Manikin for training BLS, ACLS and Airway management.

·         Effective Mass casualty response and treatment facilities



·        PG Lesson plan for year

·         PG Teaching schedule

·        Monthly teaching schedule

·        Monthly clinical society meeting

·        Daily case discussion for PGs

·        Journal club meeting twice a month

·        ICU / CCU grand rounds

·        Monthly Mortality meet

·        Clinico – pathological meeting every fortnight

·        MEU coordinator meeting

·        PG Thesis discussion every week

·        Follow up of  PG research activities biweekly

·        Monthly theory and clinical assessment

·        CME and credit hours as per university norms

·        PG symposium and seminars


·        Ventilator support

·        Non Invasive ventilator support

·        Trauma care

·        Cardiac care

·        Stroke management

·        Emergency lab

·        ABG

·        CT

·        Ultrasound

·        ECHO

·        Endoscopy

·        Flexible/Rigid  bronchoscope

·        Burns care

·        Isolation ward

·        Medico legal services

·        ICU Ambulance services


·        Comparison of EtCO2 and ABG in COPD patients

·        Inj.Levosimendan in cardiogenic shock

·        Inj.Lidocaine in Renal colic

·        Inj.Ketamine in fracture pain management

·        Fascia iliaca block in femur fracture


·       Airway workshop

·       All about ECG

·       Emergency Radiology

·       Adult trauma care


Educate . Empower . Enlighten

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Tamil Nadu , India.
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Fax: 0427- 2203030
BSL Lab Phone: 0427- 2203050

Working Hours

  • College: 8.00 AM- 4.00 PM
  • OPD: 8.30 AM- 3.30 PM
  • Casualty: 24 / 7