The B.SC., Medical laboratory technology is a four year course with one year as internship which provides the candidate a comprehensive idea, principle and fundamental knowledge on Biochemistry, Microbiology & Pathology.

To accomplish their objectives, Medical laboratory technologists perform a wide variety of laboratory tests, with conventional methods & often with the aid of complex, computerized, and automated machines.

Medical laboratory technology is designed to prepare students to function in the highly complex arena of laboratory medicine including mastering sample Collection techniques, processing of samples, recording of data & reporting on critical alerts. The students are also given basic training in safety measures, quality control, Infection control practices, automation and techniques to maintain laboratory equipment & daily up keeping. Our institute is equipped with high end Skill lab which provides a safe training environment for Medicos & Non medicos. By training Lab Technologists our institution intends not only to contribute to the needs of local people, but also to cater quality patient care as well as towards preparing quality health care professionals to be globally competent.

Our Central laboratory encompasses Central Microbiology, Central Biochemistry, and Central Pathology & Sample collection areas equipped with updated equipments.

I.            Biochemistry:

The course aims to provide an advanced understanding of the core principles and topics of biochemistry and experience of the diagnostic techniques.

Our Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory offers routine and special tests to the patient’s works round the clock. The laboratory is equipped with fully automated analyzers for routine chemistry, hormone assays, tumour markers and special proteins, glycosylated hemoglobin. Barcoding and inter-phasing of the analyzer make the system error free. Transport of samples collected at different wards and outpatient sample collection centre and release of reports in the Hospital Information System within a short time enable early diagnosis and treatment. Students learn methods and techniques of Laboratory procedures in well equipped modern automatic computerized Laboratory in the hospitals.

Students learn to collect information, specimen collection, testing, reporting and documentation of these investigations. The accuracy in the Lab results directly reflects on the prognosis of the patients and hence students are provided in-depth knowledge about quality control system.

Throughout the course, the teaching faculties help to uplift student’s problem solving skills, research skills and analytical skills.


II.            Microbiology:

The Students will be trained in every discipline of microbiology like Bacteriology, Mycology, Virology, Serology, Immunology, Parasitology, Molecular biology and Infection control practices. They will also be trained in clinical sample collection techniques, gaining expertise in their processing and identification of various pathogens like bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses using different techniques along with recording of data.

Available Facilities in Microbiology:

i.                    Central Microbiology Lab

Our central clinical microbiology laboratory at AMCH offers expertise in all areas of conventional and molecular medical microbiology. The labs offer a broad selection of tests to rapidly identify and characterize causative agents of infectious diseases in great depth.

Our central lab have implemented culture techniques, immunoassays, antimicrobial susceptibility testing, and Molecular methods to rapidly detect identify and characterize microbial pathogens as well as provide guidance for their treatment.

Collectively the labs perform thousands of tests each year and functions as 24x7 emergency laboratory services. The tests done at our lab in the following areas

·         Bacteriology

·         Virology

·         Parasitology

·         Infectious Diseases Serology

·         Hepatitis and HIV

·         Mycology and Mycobacteriology

·         Initial Processing and Media Preparation Laboratories


ii.                  Molecular lab:

During this COVID-19 pandemic as per MCI directive a state of art Biosafety level-2 Infectious disease laboratory was started for testing COVID-19 infected patients

The infra-structure design of the lab is as per WHO recommendations where the work areas are physically separated as reagent preparation room, RNA extraction room, PCR amplification room & Post PCR room. The Equipment’s of the lab is as per NABL which includes Biosafety cabinets, Quant studia-5, Molbio /Truenat, Thermo mixer, Refrigerated centrifuge, etc. We have trained technicians and consultant as per the norms of NABL.

iii.                Quality control

We are enrolled with External Quality Assurance schemes (EQAS) in bacteriology, serology &virology offered by Christian medical college (Vellore).This maintains the standards of the laboratory in a National forum, We are also enrolled with King Institute of Preventive Medicine for Inter Lab Quality Control (ILQC) for Molecular Biology. We have a well-documented internal quality checks for efficient patient care delivery.


III.            Pathology:

Pathology is a branch of medical science that involves the study and diagnosis of diseases. During the second year of the course, the students are exposed to histopathology, cytology techniques, clinical pathology and basic hematology. In their final year, they are taught about coagulation and transfusion medicine. The hospital is equipped with advanced laboratory facilities, which will help the students to develop their technical skills and knowledge to perform multiple roles as a medical lab technician. During their internship, they will be able to collect the samples and label them accordingly. They should run the samples, perform the respective tests, examine the specimens, note down the findings, observations and inform the pathologist about their findings which will aid them to identify the disease. Students are also given training n Blood centre where they are taught to collect blood for transfusion, component separation and storage.

Outcome of this Course:

Students who graduate in Medical Lab Technology course get plenty of job opportunities in public health sectors, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and commercial laboratories as laboratory professionals or experts.




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