Department of General Medicine


General medicine is the foundation on which all the medical super specialties are built which always focus on illness prevention and health promotion.. It is the first point of contact for any patient who seeks a specialist opinion as the internist has a holistic approach towards a patient, Analyses various problems.

Our Medicine department is committed to excellence in teaching and serving the people of in and around Salem. The department offers an amicable and academically challenging environment with an excellent reputation for the teaching quality, treatment facilities and research activities in the field of Medicine. The department is manned by five individual units with excellent and competent unit chiefs, Associate & Assistant Professors, Senior and Junior Residents.


  • To be recognized globally as the leader in promoting quality patient care, advocacy, education to students and career fulfillment in general medicine and its subspecialties.


  • To inculcate empathy and social responsibility in all our students along with a sharp clinical acumen and efficiency in treating patients.
  • The Department of Medicine advances the health of the people of Salem and its neighbourhood through high quality patient - centered care.


  1. To teach the medical students, the importance of treating the patient as a whole - physically, mentally and emotionally.
  2. To enlighten the medical students, the importance of life saving procedures and compassion to the needy.
  3. To empower the medical students with knowledge, attitude and skills required for them to practice as a primary physician.
  4. To promote and conduct research to enhance the quality of practice, the education and continuing education of internists, and the significance of internal medicine to physicians and the public.


            The department of General Medicine, OP Block is situated in the ground floor of hospital block .The department is established with the following infrastructure.


  • Offices for Heads of Departments and Heads of Units.
  • Accommodation for other unit staff.
  • Clinical demonstration rooms.
  • Departmental Library with fully equipped with audio visual aid for learning
  • Seminar and demonstration room with a seating capacity of 50 students.
  • OP investigation common collection center
  • Specialty OPD of Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Medical Gastroenterology and  Diabetic clinic
  • OPD Treatment room
  • ECHO Cardiogram, TMT, spirometry.


  • 150 BEDS/ 5 UNITS.
  • Nurses Duty Room/Nursing Station.
  • Examination and Treatment room.
  • Ward Pantry.
  • Store room for linen and other equipment.
  • Resident Doctors and students Duty Room.
  • Bedside Clinical Demonstration Room.
  • Faculty rooms
  • Ward procedure room



  • MICU, ICCU each 5 Bed with ventilators.
  • IRCU with ventilators.
  • Peritoneal and hemodialysis.


  • MBBS
  • sc Nursing


  • 24/7 OP, IP and emergencies
  • ECG
  • Well Equipped MICU, ICCU each 5 Bed with ventilators.
  • Echocardiogram
  • Treadmill
  • Spirometry
  • EMG,EEG, Nerve conduction study
  • 24 hours lab facilities
  • Peritoneal and hemodialysis.


Name of the Clinic





11AM To 1PM



11AM To 1PM

3)Endocrine(Diabetic clinic)


11AM To 1PM



11AM To 1PM

5) Gastroeneterology


11AM To 1PM

 6) Neurology


11AM To 1PM



  1. Undergraduate:


  • Theory class
  • Clinical case discussion both admitting unit and other units
  • Lecture class with MCQs
  • Teaching and learning of charts and specimens
  • Spotters and short case discussion
  • Unit wise Daily bed side classes


  • Seminar
  • Assignment and Assessment
  • MCQs weekly once
  • OSCE


  • Internal assessment
  • Assignment monthly twice
  • Quiz
  • Symposium and seminars


  • Journal club weekly once
  • Administrative meeting and Death audit meeting at weekend
  • Interesting case discussion at weekend and then and there
  • Clinico pathological conference once in month
  • Monthly medical camp
  • Clinical society meeting once in a month



  • World tuberculosis  day 24 Mar  celebrated by contacting  Symposium – 2016, 2017 and  2018
  • RNTCP workshop conducted in coordination with district tuberculosis office and TB chest medicine department on 23 Jan 2018
  • Covid-19 CME programme in coordination with microbiology department
  • Recent updates on tuberculosis 13 June 2019/ 1 credit hour of Tamil Nadu Medical Council.


Research articles:

  • TITLE: Thrombocytopenia and albuminuria – Early predictors of acute  

                Kidney injury in venomous snakebite – A comparative study

  • AUTHOR : Dr. S. Ramasamy.MD., Prof and Head of the department of Medicine
  • JOURNAL: JEBMH volume III / Issue 89 / November 07, 2016.



  • TITLE: Prevalence of Methicillin Resistant staphylococcus aureus post operative wound infection in a trust hospital.
  • AUTHOR : Dr. S. Ramasamy.MD., Prof and Head of the department of Medicine
  • JOURNAL: International Journal of Current Microbiology and applied sciences ISSN: 2319 – 7706 Volume 6 Number 1(2017) pp. 251- 257


  • TITLE: Outcome of cow dung powder poisoning depending upon clinical profile - Retrospective study
  • AUTHOR : Dr. S. Ramasamy.MD., Prof and Head of the department of Medicine
  • JOURNAL: JMSCR (Journal of medical science and clinical research Volume 07 year 2019



  • TITLE: Clinical study of prevalence and incidence of obesity and its Complications 
  • AUTHOR : S. Senthilnathan.MD., Associate Prof of medicine
  • JOURNAL: JMSCR / Nov 2019



  • TITLE: The incidence and prevalence of Hypertension in patients Attending OP of Annapoorna Medical College and Hospital
  • AUTHOR : S. Senthilnathan.MD., Associate Prof of medicine
  • JOURNAL: JMSCR / Nov 2019


  • TITLE: The incidence and prevalence of Dyslipidemia in Diabetic Patient in OP & IP of Annapoorana Medical College and Hospital
  • AUTHOR : M.N. Shamala,M.D .,Assistant Prof of medicine
  • JOURNAL: JMSCR /  Jan 2020


  • TITLE: Outcome of cow dung  powder poisoning depending upon Clinical profile Retrospective study
  • AUTHOR : M.N. Shamala,M.D .,Assistant Prof of medicine  
  • JOURNAL: JMSCR /  Aug 2019



     Case Report:

  • TITLE: Truncal Radiculoneuropathy in a Patient with Diabetes

Dr. S. Prasanth.MD.,Assi Prof  / Dr. R. Anbalagan.MD., Prof. 

IJSR volume 8 issue 7 dated July 2019


  • TITLE: Vitiligo in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. S. Prasanth.MD.,Assi Prof  / Dr. S.Senthilnathan .MD., Prof

IJSR - volume 8 issue 9 dated September 2019


  • TITLE: Wood Worker’s Lung - A Case Report

Dr. S. Prasanth.MD.,Assi Prof  / Dr. S.Ramasamy.MD., Prof

IJSR - volume 9 issue 1 dated Jan 2020


  • TITLE: Pyrexia due to Megaloblastic Anameia

Dr. S. Prasanth.MD.,Assi Prof  / Dr. S.Ramasamy.MD., Prof

IJSR - volume 9 issue 7 dated July 2020


  • TITLE: Mycotic aneurysm of superior mesenteric artery secondary to subacute endocarditis

Dr. S. Prasanth.MD. Assi Prof  / Dr.K.Sathyamoorthy.MD., Prof

IJSR – volume 9 issue 7 - 2020

ICMR student project:

  • Utility of salivary potassium level in predicting the degree of carotid artery intima-medial thickness in middle aged cardiovascular risk groups.



  • Intercollegiate quiz programme second prize won by the student
  • University medals in medicine 2016 graduated batch.

Educate . Empower . Enlighten

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