PEO.1: Understand the basics of the human anatomy, physiology and pharmacology and should be able to use their fundamental knowledge and technical competence in the operating rooms as and when required during local, regional and general anaesthesia.

PEO.2: Students will acquire skills in assisting the anaesthetist and surgical teams in all kinds of surgical disciplines, by preparing appropriate anaesthesia machines/ventilators, drugs, catheter for invasive lines,cylinder gases and supplies, monitoring equipment, gadgets like Airway, specific advanced equipments like Ultrasound, echocardiogram.

PEO.3: Demonstrate patient care skills, including positioning of patient, monitoring and transporting patients. Identify patient & occupational hazards such as electrical, radiation, chemical and biological.

PEO.4: Apply sterile techniques in preparing equipment and supplies.Manages central sterile services department, packing of equipment and linen by using appropriate sterilization procedures such as autoclaving, plasma sterilization and disinfection procedures as per guidelines.

PEO.5: Knowledge and handling of basic anaesthetic and surgical instruments and advanced equipmentslike Fibre optic Bronchoscope,Fibre optic laryngoscope, laparascope, instruments for endoscopy procedures, Monitors, C­arm.

PEO.6:Knowledge of basic surgical procedures and skills of various dressing techniques. Labelling and handling of specimens.

PEO.7:Students will be able to practice the profession with highly professional and ethical attitude, taking into account the patients’ right to medicalprivacy and dignity at all times.

PEO.8:Develop good communication skills, and effective inter personal skills to work as a member of a inter-disciplinary team in assisting the anaesthetist in handling critical events, and during basic and advanced cardiac life support

PEO.9: Develop skills in computerized data maintenance in Hospital information system.



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